House Construction and Developments

We started the construction of our house five months ago and below is the latest development, the construction is not continuous  because it only depends if we have funds to hire extra carpenters or laborers. Although my father is working bit by bit when there’s materials to use, like cements, lumbers, gravel and sand.

House Development

Well I have thought it wouldn’t be expensive anymore after our house was built but I was wrong because we still need money for windows, ceilings and doors.

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Slab and Concrete Roof Construction

Constructing the framework of slab roof is quite complicated  I thought it was easy and doesn’t need a lot of work but I was wrong. It needs a careful planning and time dedication.  Adding irons and pipes for electric line was already done and on Saturday finally they will finally pour cement to finish the constructing our concrete roof.


My mother informed me that we had extra iron bars that we could use on constructing the second floor of our house. I hope we could save and do it soon but with the current phase of my online opportunities I wonder when we can start the construction again. Business is quite slow this month.

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Constructing a Concrete Roof

Our newly constructed house has no roof yet or slab because they are still building framework for it. My mother informed me that the lumber were not enough so they had one of the tree in our yard to be cut so they could finish adding the wood framework.  Just the other day they already add steel bars to the framework and in few days they will probably pour cement on the pavement.

Roof Framework

My mother told me that they need to hire more workers so pouring cement will just took one day because they will also rent a mixer rather than people doing the manual labor. I hope it could be done soon so our next project is house flooring and adding electricity line to the house.

­Concrete roof is exactly what it sounds like, it is a solid slab of concrete capping the top of your house. Exact specifications vary, but most concrete roofs are several inches thick.

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