Advantages of Cement Mixer for Concrete Roofing

The pouring of cement to complete the construction of the concrete roof our house was done yesterday. My parents rented a cement mixer for ₱1,500 and hired more people to make the work easier,  according to my mother about 19 people help for completion of the slab I  am not sure yet if they paid all of them or other just help in return of free food, snacks and drinks including booze after the job.

Conrete Roofing

My mother informed me they cook chicken soup in the morning, pancit for snacks and monggo beans with meat for lunch, the event was like a small fiesta and probably the male neighbors that extend their help on pouring the cement will be more happy if they received Davidoff cigars aside from free booze.

Anyway renting a mixer is convenient rather than manually mixing the cement,  it will save more days and money.

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