New Bed

We moved here in the new apartment  almost one week ago,  my husband employer hired a moving company so we can moved easily.  We didn’t move with us our bed because it is already worn out, my husband was too heavy for it.  His director bought us  a new bed, when we moved the apartment is empty. We are expecting that new bed was already delivered before we move but unfortunately it was not.

We didn’t waste our time and we started unpacking the boxes, when we felt tired we just  used the bed covers so we can sleep in the floor.  Within about one hour someone knocked in our door and we found two guys carrying our bed to be, I thought it was just  a bedding but it turns out my husband’s director also included the bed frame as my husband’s requested. The bed frame was do it yourself, the two guys prepared the bed for us, in few minutes it was ready.

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