Do it Yourself

My guess was right instead of hiring someone to fix the problem in our bathroom the landlord do it with himself. Yesterday he arrived with his tools and new shower hose and faucet for the hot water.  He started to fix the faucet first and in just matter of minutes he is able to change it to the new one, I stayed with him while he is fixing the problems in the bathroom.  I just sit or stand outside the door, at first I am in hesitation if I will accompany him or just let him work while I am surfing the internet but I just thought I am too rude to do that so I stopped surfing and talk with him up to the best I can.

The next thing he fixed is the shower hose which is leaking near the shower head, it was broken when his friend came over to fix the plugged toilet. He uses the shower hose to unplugged toilet, the landlord asked me if we dropped the shower which I replied we didn’t together with action how it was broken.

The landlord also fixed the pipe in the sink he cleaned it and he removed a lot of hair stuck in the pipe, I guess some of them are mine when I cut my hair the first time I dropped them in the sink and I was not able to removed all of them when I am done, and some of the hair was from my husband when he shaved his head and face and the other hair probably from the previous people who stayed in this apartment.

Dunno what is the landlord thinking but he also removed the pipe connected to the drain in the bathroom sink and when he removes it, it was broken  so he went out to buy a new one, I heard his car left eh.

When he arrived he is holding a new drain for the bathroom sink, it took him long time to figure out what to do because the pipe doesn’t look with the old drain and the screw was too big for his tools, so what he did is tear the old drain of the bathroom sink and changed it with the new one instead of just changing the pipe.

So when he is about to return the curly pipe behind the sink it was too long and it is curling up so he cut it but as what I know the sink is not really the problem nor the shower it was just secondary. The main problem is the drainage is over flowing when there’s water coming from other apartment so I went to Google translate to translate what I want to say in Hangul and hit Listen so he can hear it.

He changed the shower hose again to the old one and put it on the drain behind the kitchen sink and flush all the dirt, some dirt when up and it stinks a lot. After which everything was fine so he asked me to get a bag to throw the old hose and other broken bathroom materials, I said my thank you and after he went out I gave him water to drink. Just too bad are fridge is empty and we have nothing to eat because we are on juice fast diet all of our groceries are fruits and vegetables, which we have to buy that night.

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