Steel Bars

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I have sent money last week to my family and my mother told me they already bought steel bars and additional hollow blocks for our house construction, the steel bars are quite expensive because those are bars that are made to build a second floor house. Yes, we are trying to build a second floor house so at least we have more space for the living room as we are building a house in a piece of land, even my husband was shocked upon hearing what we are planning.

Well I am hoping that we  can start the construction of our house next year and I think it would be materialized if I can send more money so they can buy cement and other construction materials. We have no problem with the labor because my father is  a carpenter but of course he need an assistant or a laborer and it means additional fund, my mother told me that nothing is left for them this Christmas because they also send money to my grandmother in other city, so I am hoping for more opportunity this month and next year so I can send big amount.

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