Soundproofing the Floor

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Today is general election day in Korea so most of the locals has no work, early this morning I was awaken when the family  living in the second floor came home. It sounds like the father is drunk, he shouted and then he started punching the metal door of  the electric meter’s. I have heard her wife and daughter trying to stop him while they are opening the main door, when they reached their apartment room I can hear the loud foot steps on our ceiling. It sounds like the father keeps banging anything, based on my analysis the father was picked up by her wife and daughter in one of the hof around the town and he maybe didn’t like it.

Now I know why soundproofing the floor is a must when you are living in apartment doors, it is to avoid disturbances when you are sleeping.  As what I have read soundproofing floors is not a complicated idea. You just need something between the hard flooring and the rest of the house to absorb noise.

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