Solar Screen Solutions for Windows

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It was almost a month since I left my day job to stay at home and look after my niece and I have not been accustomed yet of waking up later than normal. My body clock and the light coming from the window in my room is always waking me up early in the morning, I would love to stay a little bit longer in bed, but I can’t do so I look for solar and screen solutions. I have found some alternative methods like using thick curtains or adding window blinds into my window, but window blinds didn’t help much it was still bright in my room and that’s where a neighbour working in the glass shop in town suggested that I should use solar screens like the Fiberglass Window Screen, as this method effectively shades the glass and stop the heat before it hits the glass and can help to darken the inside of my room.

I have also found out that using solar screen can also minimize and reduce heat transfer through the glass which is good for me and my niece, having this installed we can possibly stay in my room all day watching kiddie movies without thinking about the heat coming through my room. The window in my room had been my biggest problem at home, it was not only huge, but it was also facing a vacant rice field so imagine how bright and warm it is  in my room during the day and at night when the moon is full, I guess I must Buy Fiberglass Screen soonest.

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