Sizzling Summers and Cosy Winters: Make Your Garden a Sanctuary For All Seasons

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A garden is often our sanctuary. It’s our own little bit of private outside space in a world so full of people. It’s somewhere you can relax on your own, or share with friends when you are entertaining. It can bring joy when you see things you have planted flourish and grow. It may be a space where you read, write or paint. Or perhaps it’s where your children play in the fresh air. It’s important to put as much care into your garden as you do into the interior of your home. Below are some tips on how to make your garden a sanctuary for all seasons.

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No matter how small or large your garden you’ll need a few different lighting options. In the summer you can bask in the glory of natural daylight and blissful summer sun. But as dusk falls you’ll still want to enjoy that outside space. Illuminate your garden with some elegant outdoor solar lighting. Solar lights work by generating daylight as their energy source and then storing that power until night falls. You’ll then be blessed with warm light until the sun rises again. You can buy solar wall lights, lanterns and stake lights to create all different styles in your garden. They are great if you are entertaining outside in the evening and are also useful if you have pets that need to be let outside at night. If you have decking, you may want to install lighting into the foot of the decking for a glamorous look in your garden. You can also consider LED lighting for the prettiest of twinkling white lights. While you are designing your garden also think about whether you want to install a security light too. Your aim is to create an enchanting ambience in your garden through the power of lighting.

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While your garden is ultimately a peaceful refuge, there may also be times that you want to entertain. Having friends over for barbeques and outdoor get togethers is a great way to get back to nature. Having a pretty chiminea in your garden works well both in the summer and winter. Check out this great guide on how to buy chiminea. A chiminea is not only a super heat source but also a delightful focal point for your garden. They add glowing embers and ambience and create much-needed warmth as night falls on your garden. The word chiminea originates from the Spanish word for chimney. Not only are they used to be aesthetically pleasing in your garden, but they are also wonderful for cooking! If you buy a cast-iron chiminea, you will be able to cook pizzas, bake bread and sizzle up steaks and chops. Adding a chiminea to your garden is the perfect accessory for the ultimate in outdoor dining.

Flowers and Plants

You’ll also want to add colour and texture to your garden by planting flowers and shrubs. Before you start planting why not read my post on how to keep bugs at bay. Your choice of flowers and plants will be dependent on the season. For summer choose easy, colourful flowers such as Aster, Gloriosa Daisy and Dahlias. Make your garden a vivid sanctuary of beautiful blooms. You can also use plants and flowers to create much-needed shade in the summer. In the winter choose plants such as Winter Aconite, Heavenly Bamboo and Red-Barked Dogwood. Think about the colours you want to create. Greens and reds look magical in the winter and yellows and pinks look beautiful in the summer.

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Now all that’s left to do is bask in your blissful outside sanctuary, no matter what the season.

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