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My family already bought few materials that is needed to start the construction of our house except for cement because cement will be hard as stone if left unattended.  I need to send more online earnings home and  we can maybe begin the construction. Our house is a semi-concrete half of the foundation is made from hollow blocks but the rest are woods which was already eaten by termites and the roof is  galvanized iron like what mostly houses in the Philippines are made of. The sad part we need to tear our house and build  a new one few meters away from it because my uncle own the piece of land where our house is standing.

We are planning to build a two story house if  money forbid because it is the best we can do. We can’t build a larger house because the land is not enough.  Anyway if we’ve finished building our dream house buying furniture is next and I would love to have a small garden in our front yard where we can plant flowers in a pot and have a little space to rest maybe a swing  from Adirondack furniture  will be great I have heard they have  the best furniture for outdoors like table and chairs. I should browse their collection to look for the perfect swing I have in my mind.

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