Plumbing: Leaking Pipe

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I am quite busy yesterday updating my windows, downloading the trial of Adobe illustrator and fixing a leaking pipe. It feels like I am the man of the house doing a plumber job around here (lol). It just so happens that I forgot to call a plumber like Anyways my husband hates holding dirty things and the main reason is he is too big to put his hands below the kitchen sink, you know Koreans are not that big so most of the things around their house is enough for a normal size to fit around.

[Old pic, us while I am fixing the pipe in our old apartment]

Anyway yesterday my husband checked the pipe below the kitchen cabinet because he said it stinks and there he  found out the pipe is leaking and he get annoyed with me.  He said he already told me not to touch the main pipe because he thinks it is not the main problem why the water is backing up in our sink. He is annoyed because I didn’t follow what he said and I still took the rubber/plastic in the main pipe.

Well I just let him talk and grin to him, with a thought what is my husband’s problem he is not the one who will fix it but he sounds  so irritated.

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