Packrat Cleaning

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I felt itchy to clean my junks yesterday. I just thought its time to threw the things I don’t need anymore, my husband was surprised when he arrived home school when he saw me cleaning. He said if he is going to volunteer cleaning with me, he wants all my things to be thrown. Lol!

Anyway I end up throwing chocolates case, few cartoons and papers. The rest are all important to me, the lonely planet guide we printed for vacation, the notebooks I bought, tickets and other memorabilia’ s from our vacations.

My husband always teased me of being a packrat and he was even disgusted with the title of this blog, asking me if I am proud of being  a packrat. Oh well all I know I am sentimental every thing is important to me and need to be keep, I guess I developed being  a packrat on my childhood.

Long time ago the dump site was located in our Barangay near the river banks and one time my older cousin invited me to look for big milk cans that they are going to use for planting flowers in their garden,  while looking around the dump site I saw usable school supplies like pencil case so I picked them and end up playing with them at home.

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