Organized Your Home Closet

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If there’s one thing I want to be organize at home it is our closet. Most of the old clothes are still there, especially those clothes that my sister don’t wear anymore I have told her already just to giveaway those clothes, when some of the clothes are already handed to our distant cousins the closet we shared is still full of her clothes you cannot even keep a cortech Micro Tank bag because there’s really no space. I think it is also my fault because I gave her my old clothes which she don’t want to giveaway,  in this case the new closet that my mother just bought is just perfect to organize our clothes.

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Some of the example of closet organizers are hangers, garment racks, drawer organizers, storage drawers and dividers but using hanger is the most economical way to organize your closet they are also easy to use.

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