Organic Fertilizer

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During my high school days we have one subject that we need to choose between home making or agriculture. I choose the latter because I don’t know how to knit and sew properly.  I love planting more than holding a needle, well on our agriculture subject we have to make a plot and plant pechay (Nappa cabbage) and there’s term that our instructor will check our plot and seedlings. The final one is when our vegetables are all grown so our grades will depend on how healthy our plant was. To make sure I am going to get good grades after school, I collect animal waste from the  fields when I arrived home from school  and  loose them to pieces with black soil and bring them to school and add them to my plot. My other classmates who lives  in the town learned what I did so they also go organic. To make a story short I got good grades and I also harvested pechay that we cooked for dinner at home.

Anyway for your own information naturally occurring organic fertilizers include manure, guano, worm castings, slurry, peat, seaweed and humic acid.

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