Old House and Termites

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Recently my mother asked me when can I send money again so we can start building a house.  Our house is already totally worn out it seems the termites were not too happy of us living with them and they want our house for them alone. That’s a joke anyway, well I guess that’s one of the disadvantages of living near the rice field. If not termites, rats during harvesting season.

The house we are staying at is not originally from us, my deceased Uncle owns it and it was given to my family. It was just semi- concrete house, using palm tree as window and grass as roof. But with the years passed by we are able to made some changes like using galvanized iron in our roof and that cost us selling a cow.

Half of the wall is made of hollow blocks and the living room floor as cement. The last time I went home it was a mess, the floor was all cracked because of the big trucks passing on the street, yeah right we are also near the street. I have told my mother to change the linoleum but she doesn’t want to buy new one  because she said it wouldn’t help because the problem is our cracked floor.

I know my mother is not excited of having us a house but it is more of panic because my cousins are going to have their family soon and  it means we have to move further back, the house was built in a wrong spot. If my uncle or one of his kids built a house or store in front of us our house will be cut in half, our kitchen will be the only left part it would be okay if it was good enough but I think it was not.

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