Moving Accident

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Today there’s a new family that arrives in the neighborhood with three trucks in tow, my husband happened to passed by in the area when he went home from school he says the guy looks like middle eastern man with a Korean descent or something to that effect. Everything was smoothly fine until the driver accidentally hit the nearby roof of the old house which resulted to chaos the old woman who’s the owner of the old house was too angry and keep yelling in the street. I think someone call a police because after few minutes a police car came, the patrol car was parked in front of our apartment when I went out to check what’s happening. I saw the big track with a ladder and unloading things in the top floor of the apartment so I guess the ladder or the plank hits the roof of the old house.

Moving is really very stressing I guess the moving company or the driver will shouldered the damage of the roof of the old house until now the old woman is still angry eh.

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