Landscape and Garden

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Before one of my Aunt build a small store in front of  our house we have a small flower garden in  our porch. We grew orchids in a drift wood and different kind of flowering plants in a pot. My mother also landscape it with the available resources around us like group of stones and soil. But since they build a small store most of the plants are affected and needs to be transferred or removed.

When my Aunt moved and they torn down their store we didn’t  return the plants anymore on their old place, we also didn’t improved the garden anymore. It remains empty as it is and it was not a bad move after all because after few years they built a new store which covered the empty space.

As what I have learned landscaping your garden makes dull areas  pleasing and it is possible to make ordinary homes into spectacular ones and office buildings into warm, livable spaces most of all beautiful landscaping increases the property value of your home.

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