Kitchen Cabinet Design and Construction

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The choice of kitchen cabinets might be the most important selection you have to make when creating or remodeling a kitchen, because kitchen cabinets are the most eye catching aspect of any kitchen. A well designed cabinets can attract as much attention than outdated cabinets, you should keep your kitchen cabinet within the style of your kitchen making sure that you have enough space to move around while in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

Yesterday my sister showed me the current development of our kitchen, the sink was already attached, tiles were installed as well the below cabinets.  What is left to do is hang cabinets and ovens which we need to buy when we have the funds for it,  at first I didn’t like the design and the color of the cabinet maybe because I am expecting light color and designs I used to see on search engines.

My mother explained that the cabinets are made of mahogany wood that explains the dark color, and the kitchen floor was not done yet explaining why everything seems so light in contrast with the cabinet doors.

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