How You Can Save Water in the Home and Garden

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Saving water is something that we should all be making more of an effort to do. It will help the environment, but it can also help you to save some money, so keep that incentive in mind. Here’s how you can start saving water today.

Wash on a Full Load

When you’re filling the washing machine or loading the dishwasher, do you always make sure that it’s full? Most people don’t, but this wastes water because it means you’ll be doing more washes in the long-term. It’s a common sense idea, but most people don’t even think about things like this. So, wait until the machine is full before turning it on next time. You should also think about the quality of your washing appliances. When you decide to upgrade it, make sure you go for a more water-efficient option.

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Collect Rain Water

You can use a tank to collect rainwater in your garden. You can funnel the water down to your tank as it falls, and this helps you to save water when it comes to watering the garden. By cutting your reliance on the mains water supply, you will save a lot of water and a lot of money too. It’s very cheap to set up a tank to collect the water, and it will be very useful at the times of the year when there is plenty of rain. In the dry summer months, this won’t be a great option though.

Avoid Overwatering Plants

Watering your plants too much is one of the most common ways in which people end up wasting water. As I mentioned above, you can save some by collecting rain water. But this won’t provide enough water to cover all your garden watering needs. So, you need to be careful when you are using a hose on the plants. It’s very easy to overwater them and waste lots of water. To avoid doing this, you could start using an irrigation system. Visit to find more about that.

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Don’t Leave the Tap Running

Very simple things like leaving the tap running when it’s not needed can waste a lot of money. For example, if everyone in a household left the tap running every time they brushed their teeth, think of all that wasted water. You should try your best to turn the water off. And that’s just one of the examples of wasting water around the house that could be easily avoided.

Install a Water Meter

A water meter allows you to closely control how much water you use. You then can pay for exactly the amount you use. So, if you use a lot of water, the bill will be larger. But if you use less, you will pay less. This gives you an extra incentive to use less water. Simply being able to keep tabs on your own usage is a big boost when it comes to saving water. It means that you can no longer forget about your water usage because it’s always there for you to see. Go to to find out more about the benefits.

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