How To Transform Your Home Into A Cosy Retreat

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What is it that we actually want from our homes? Should they be stark, hygienic areas for hosting a range of valuable antiques, or should they be somewhere you can unwind after a long day at work?

I think they should be the latter. We all need a space that we can relax and our environment can have a large impact on our mood. So here are some ideas for making your home that little bit cosier.

Make Your Entrance Inviting

The entrance is the first thing you’ll see but this typically tends to be a neglected area in the home. Why? People tend to concentrate on the main rooms in the house, but they forget that the tone is set as soon as you walk in. When guests arrive often they’re not treated to a livable space, but somewhere rather shabby and boring.

Having bright and welcoming colours in the entrance hall can really help. As can soft, colourful mats. Pot plants in the hallways can also work a treat for brightening any entrance hall if you have space. Don’t just go for green either. Pick a colour that really complements the style of the room. If it is characterised by light tones, for example, choose a pink or a lavender to add a bit of contrast.

Cut Through Draughty Spaces

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Each room in your house is a big cavity. And because of the necessities of construction, these are square. But squares do not make your home feel more cosy. You want to find ways to make sure that the eye is drawn through the space. When you enter a room, have a big painting on the opposite wall. This can help.

Also, it can help if your furniture is themed, but not matching. Having different colours, textures and patterns throughout the room can break it up and make it less formal. Just make sure that the different textures work together in a pleasing way.

Finally, don’t try to eliminate space in the centre of the room. This can actually enhance the room’s appeal, rather than make it look stark.

Mix Formal With Informal Furniture

It’s really nice to have a sofa or two for settling down in the evening, as well as a nice coffee table. But you can also mix things up with a foam bag chair. These are great for reading or for people who like to fidget, rather than just settings on their bums. Check out if you want to know more about foam bag chairs.

Eliminate Harsh Lines

Jagged, straight lines can really dull the cosiness of a room. Long straight lines give the room a formal look. It’s hard to escape the idea that you’re at an airport or in some other public space. You certainly don’t feel like you’re somewhere private where you can relax.

Eliminating straight lines is easy. You can introduce things like round rugs and tables. And put decorative lamps in ugly, harsh corners. For more ideas on how to make your home cosier, check out

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