How to know if your drain is blocked

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It can be obvious to many but working out when your drain is blocked is the first step to sorting out this pesky domestic problem.

Whether it’s a foul smell that you can’t seem to pinpoint or a sink that just won’t drain, your plumbing can cause you plenty of stress if it isn’t in top working order.

Catching a blockage early is key to keeping your home’s plumbing going, so try not to allow waste products build up unnecessarily and look out for a few simple signs in order to avoid any plumbing problems.

In the majority of cases, there are three indicators that your drains are blocked and homeowners should be able to spot these before trying to unblock them themselves or call in the professionals. For more serious cases, drain repairs from Dyno-Rod are the perfect antidote but sometimes, all you need is a plunger and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

Look out for the following tell-tale signs if you want to stay blockage-free:

  • Manholes, sinks or any other pipes overflowing
  • Nasty smells emanating from the drains or plugholes themselves
  • Waste not draining when you flush your toilet

Naturally, these indicators are usually pretty obvious, but there are some things that precede these problems that you can look out for in order to avoid any blockages. Expertise in this kind of scenario is

For example, if you hear a gurgling sound when you empty water from your bath and sink or when you flush your toilet, your pipes may be well on their way to becoming blocked. Similarly if the water in your toilet bowl is significantly low, you may want to get the plunger out in order to avoid more significant damage.

Being able to spot these signs means you’ll be able to catch the problem early and avoid all the stress and costs that comes with blocked plumbing.

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