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How to Give a Ceiling a New Look with Armstrong Residential Ceilings

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One of the seriously overlooked aspect of a house appearance is the ceiling,  we often remember to remodel and fix the ceiling when rain water is started leaking.  An old ceiling can make a house outdated when you remodeled most of the part of your house, at the same time a new up to date ceiling can uplift the mood of the entire home.

One of the perfect examples of  an outdated ceiling is the picture below, as can you see the walls are neatly clean but if you look above, the ceiling is already badly stains from water damage which ruin the whole mood of the room because the room could be attractive and appealing without looking at the ceiling. Homeowners should know that when there is excess water or moisture in their home molds and termites are likely to stay, termites are attracted to water;  they can destroy woods and even the walls or foundation of your home.

Old Ceiling

Well, if we had this house I am likely to hold the ceiling remodel as soon as possible before the damage could increase and decrease our finances. There is plenty of home repair advice online that could help me on how to take up the project and even internet sites that sell affordable residential ceiling products for any type of projects, one of them is Armstrong World Industries, Inc one of the global dealer on designing and manufacturing floors and ceilings.

Armstrong offers different styles and textures of tiles for ceiling projects and to begin with remodeling the first step is to determine the water damage, clean the molds and remove the existing ceilings if it is badly damaged and replace the ceiling with a new one but instead of using patterned wallpapers which are commonly used in Korea to beautify their residential ceiling I will use Armstrong Residential Ceilings products to add beauty and charm.

Armstrong has several types of ceiling tiles that are only offered in white color  but homeowners can paint them if they wanted. I will probably paint it with gray or brown color that will fit with the room decor because I believed a plain ceiling nowadays is an old trend. The best thing about these ceiling tiles aside from being fire retardant and moisture resistant they are also easy to install to the existing ceiling using adhesive and furring strips so this is not going to be like a rocket science that requires a lot of thinking.

Well, if you are also planning to decorate your home and remodel your ceiling Armstrong has an outstanding collection of ceiling tiles and ceiling panels for all your needs. If you are dreaming for a ceiling with stylish look a drop ceiling panel is a good choice, it can hide wires, pipes, and other unsightly fixtures.

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  1. Lyt says:

    A damage ceiling should really be fixed as soon as possible to avoid more problems. It’s a good thing that there are ceiling tiles that homeowners can use to achieve a new look.

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