How to Get Help With Household Chores

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Let’s face it – we are a generation of busy people. There is so much to get done on a day to day basis that it’s not a bad thing to start accepting some help or advice to get stuff sorted, and get things done.

Accept the Help!

If you have a friend or family member who is offering to do some jobs for you, let them. Don’t let pride get in the way; think about how much easier your life will be if one little (or big, if they’re that generous!) thing is ticked off the list. Being a parent is a demanding job, especially in the early stages. Any help that you may have previously dismissed does get remembered, though, so don’t push it away without good reason.

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Outsource, Outsource, Outsource

If you aren’t lucky enough to have people offer to do your jobs for you, you could consider bringing some help in. There are people to cover every job you can think of (honestly, try thinking of one job that you’re doing that you couldn’t hire somebody else to do?), and if you have some spare cash at the end of the week but are completely swamped with chores, then try parting with it and hiring somebody to come and help you. You can even order online; sites like Domestic One are there for you to go and search for your perfect maid. It’s not lazy to employ somebody to do jobs around the house for you – it’s increasing your spare time and therefore your chance to be productive on other things. Don’t feel guilty.

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Prepare the Stations

A lot of time can be saved by getting stuff prepared the day or week before. If you waste a lot of time sourcing ingredients for a meal that you don’t really know what you’re doing with, make sure that you have got everything ready (including the recipe!) the day before. You could invest in a slow cooker; these pieces of kitchen kit are an immense help with time-saving. All you have to do it pop in all of the the main ingredients plus any seasoning you require, pop onto the desired temperature and leave until the meal is done. This gives you time to go out to work, shopping, wherever you want to go, and still have a dinner all cooked and ready for you upon your return. It really is that simple.

Make a Schedule

This one may seem obvious, but a lot of people just aren’t doing it – they’re leaving all happenings and goings-on to chance, convinced that some sort of routine made up in their heads will keep it all in order. What keeps things in order is having a physical schedule in front of you that you can take reference from and use to keep on track. Not only can you use it, but anybody else who may need to know what’s happening in your life can; it’s really useful for family members who may be helping out with childcare especially.

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