How to Choose the Right Caster Wheels

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Before buying Hamilton casters at, you need to figure out exactly which casters you really need. If you do not, you could run into a whole host of problems, from casters that will not function correctly to having to return the ones that you bought in favor of new ones, wasting time and money on shipping. What should you consider to find the right ones?

The Size

First off, you need to get casters that are the right size for the job at hand. Where are they being attached? The size of casters on the bottom of a scaffold could be very different than those on the bottom of a guitar amp. Figure out what diameter you need before ordering.

Caster Wheels

The Weight Limits

Next, look at the weight limits to see what the casters can support. You never want to put casters on the bottom of anything if they are rated for a lower weight, as they could fail at any moment. This is especially important for something like a scaffold since it will be supporting people who could be hurt if the wheels collapse or stop working correctly.

The Connections

Finally, you must look at the way that the casters are supposed to connect to the bottom of the main device. Do they need two screws or four? Do they hook into metal or just into the wood? In some situations, there may only be one type of caster that you can buy for it to work as it was intended.

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