House Layouting was Postponed

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My mother informed me that they already bought 100 sacks of cements, steel bars, braces, hollow blocks and other building materials that could be use in lay-outing the plan of our house. Lay-outing was about to be done yesterday but there’s a problem in the area, it turns out the family land was over the border after the surveyor measure the area.

So lay-outing was postponed until every thing is fine, I have already asked my sister to look for the old coins we used to see in the altar if they started to turn down our house  because I can’t find them anymore it turns out they are long gone and probably scattered by the flood already I thought they could find coins like american eagle coins which could be a good souvenir. I don’t know the value of those coins until now, didn’t know that they could be part of a collection.

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