General Cleaning

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Being away for three years seems so long. Our house is now in the process of decayed, the walls are now been eaten by termites, the floor was already cracked that’s why my mother decided not to change the linoleum anymore because she said it is going to be same.

 Well instead of wandering around and seeing everything I didn’t see for long three years I do general cleaning inside our house together with my mother and sister. We washed clothes, blankets, mosquito nets and everything. I cleaned the cabinets, dishes rack, floors and etc. The house is quite dusty maybe because we are just beside the busy street where trucks, jeepneys and motorcycles are going on and on.

 My sister actually gets angry with me for cleaning the vcd rack because I cleaned the disc one by one which she think a lot of work because after few days it will be dusty again.

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