Easy Home Décor Updates

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Sometimes you’d just like a change – perhaps the bedroom looks drab after a long winter and you want to refresh it or the bathroom needs a new look. There are some quick and easy ways to update any room in your home, especially with textiles such as comforters and pillows. New camo  print bedding can transform a dull bedroom with little more effort required than making the bed while some colorful toss pillows can refresh a mundane den or family room in minutes.

The bathroom can be updated and it does not necessarily mean you need to replace the bathroom vanity and faucets – there are some easy upgrades which don’t require calling a plumber. Start with the tub or shower and consider replacing the conventional shower curtain rod with a curved shower curtain rod to change the tub profile and add extra elbow room. A new shower curtain can transform the look of a bathroom plus experts recommend replacing it on an annual basis so why wait.

Introduce a new color with bath mats, towel and window treatments or create a more spa-like experience with the addition of a teak shower bench or bath mat. A towel warmer can really upgrade the entire bath and shower experience – nothing beats the feeling of a hot fluffy towel after a shower; there are free-standing towel warmers along with wall mount and counter top models designed to work in almost any bathroom configuration.

A handheld showerhead is another spa-like amenity that has real value in any home. Shampooing hair, washing pets and even cleaning the tub or shower enclosure is much easier with a handheld showerhead. They are also useful for seniors and invalids who may wish to bathe while seated.

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