Drainage Cover

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If there’s one thing a person should be careful with that is stepping to a manhole cover or ditch.   The covers are made to prevent anyone from falling, though in my case I was too careful. The ditch in front of my aunt’s store was not covered it was opened and because my older cousin made a bamboo bench in front of the store he also made some bamboo fence to cover and support the person sitting near the ditch or canal.

One day we are planning to go to town but as my mother forget something she returned to our house so I sit on the bench together with my relatives, and while having a chat one of niece from a cousin extend her arms for me to carry her, so I took her from my aunt. I stand and when I did it I fall into the ditch together with my little niece that surprised everybody. I asked them to get the kid from me but nobody did they are all shocked and when someone did I went up quickly my niece was not hurt because I am supporting her with my body though she cried when she saw me stuck inside.

I didn’t know what I got until I went inside our house and saw my small toe nails bleeding, I also got bruises on my arm, thigh and legs. I didn’t feel pain but after few minutes I did, I was asked to took some medicines to kill the pain after they put ointment to my bruise and bleeding toe.  We still went to town afterwards even though I can’t walk straightly,  days had passed and it became more painful that I want to used a roll-a-bout in order to walk. It turns out my toenails cut opened.

So it is really important to use a cover that can support any size of people rather than using wood or bamboo sticks that can be easily out grown.

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