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Drain and Sewage Problem

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I just finished mopping the floor and washing the clothes, such a busy day today.  I also  cleaned the kitchen and the sink just very lucky that I already cleaned the bathroom the other day. Speaking of the bathroom last night was a night I can’t forget, water leaked in our bathroom from the pipe that is connected with the sink it is not from our bathroom nor from the sink the dirty water is coming from other occupants or other apartment room in this building where we are staying.

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The water stinks like shit and I think there’s shit too. There’s big chunks of yellow particles which my thought as eggs so in order to flush them in the drain I took it with my bare hands and it was a big mistake it is soft like cake and stinks like shit. So yucky and gross, I washed my hands thoroughly with soap and use hand sanitizer with 99.99% alcohol.  I felt disturb thinking I hold someone’s shit, if my finger is not part of my body I already cut them.

I cleaned the bathroom with bleach and my husband emailed his co-teacher and one of the manager in the company about the sewage problem in our apartment and after cleaning and sending message, water floods again in our bathroom, the water is not coming from upstairs because we can’t hear it so we guess it is from the apartment room beside us. We took a video of it just in case the landlords want a proof or they can’t understand what is the problem in our apartment.

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