Curtains and Home

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The most important part and prominent feature of your home decor is curtains. A house without curtains is like an incomplete home or simply like a tree with out leaves.  Curtains protect your house from excessive sunlight and gives you privacy inside your house. Curtains come in wide variety of designs, measurement, fabrics and style.  The common material used by many is cotton not only because it is affordable but it is also easy to wash.

If you prefer curtains that provide good protection against sunlight you should choose thicker fabrics, this type of curtains are commonly used in big hotels and big houses. You should also remember that using curtain is not just about buying it you should measure your window so you would know what size of curtain you need to beautify your home.

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  1. Franc Ramon says:

    The curtains should be custom fit to the size of your window and should match the color scheme of the area.

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