Could These Backyard Tools Revolutionize Your Gardening Experience?

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We all know how demanding do the gardening can be on our time and our bodies. So it’s great when new tools come along and make the job easier. Here are some tools that will revolutionize your gardening experience.

Self-Watering Container

If you’ve got a plant nursery in your backyard, you know how much effort it can take to maintain. You have to remember to get up and water it every day, depending on the weather. And it can take up a lot of time. Sure, it might be a labor of love, but why not make that labor a little easier? Earthbox has started making a product that does just that. It’s a self-watering container that waters plants throughout the day through a reservoir. What’s more, it makes sure that the soil remains evenly moist throughout, preventing roots from getting soggy.

Compost Tumbler

Do you lament the fact that you have to wait for months to get great compost from your compost bin? You’re not alone. The reason it takes so long is that there’s nothing to speed up the reaction. It takes a while for worms and bacteria to penetrate all the material, and it can be frustrating.

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But there’s a rather ingenious solution: compost tumblers. These are essentially big barrels on stilts, with a handle for turning. Put the compost in the barrel and turn it every few days to mix up all the material inside. Now you’ll only have to wait a couple of weeks to get rich, beautiful compost.

Seated Lawn Mower

Unless you’ve used a seated lawn mower, you won’t fully appreciate the difference that it can make to your gardening. If you’ve got a big yard, seated lawn mowers are practically an essential. But they’re also perfect for people who have health issues or find it difficult to get around. There are many different manufacturers to choose from. And there are loads of suppliers who provide Schluter, Honda, and John Deere mower parts to keep them running.

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Easybloom Plant Sensor

If you’re just starting out with gardening, a great tool is the Easybloom plant sensor. This little device looks a bit like a stake. All you have to do is push it into the ground and leave it in your garden for a few days. During that time, it’ll collect lots of data about the environment. It will measure the amount of sunlight and moisture in that part of the garden.

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You can then upload all those data onto your PC via USB. Once you’ve got the data, you can then go to the Easybloom website to find out what plants are suitable for those conditions. In other words, get science to tell you what to plant!

Gardening Apron

Perhaps the most useful tool in your arsenal is the gardening apron. This is usually a little apron you can wear around your middle to store all your tools and whatever else you might need. It’s a great timesaver because it stops all those trips back and forth across the garden to collect various implements. Now you can take your trowel, pruners, seeds and camera wherever you go.

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