Cleaning the Bathroom and Kitchen

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I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen today. The bathroom already looks too dirty for me maybe because the wall and tiles are white so it is easy for me to know it’s dirty, luckily the windows are all open so I was not suffocated with the smell of bleach. Instead of using the bleach for tiles cleaning I used the normal bleach for washing my husband says it is going to be the same effect so I didn’t buy the bleach for bathroom anymore. Using the normal bleach is also cheaper than buying a commercial bathroom cleaner. I was too engrossed while cleaning so when I turn on the faucet little did I know that the shower is on so I ended up with a wet clothes.

Instead of changing my clothes after cleaning the bathroom I decided to clean the kitchen as well. The aroma of the soup we cooked the other day is still lingering in the kitchen so I also used bleach and scrubbed the yellow tiles of our kitchen. I cleaned it thoroughly including the gas range, tomorrow  hopefully I can clean the balcony.

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