Cleaning my Junks

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The other day I have cleaned some of my junks at home when my husband saw them he wants all of them to be thrown away(lol). Oh well I just thrown the things that  I think I don’t need anymore like the plastics and paper bags, he called me  a packrat and he added it seems I am proud of it.

I just hold to the things I think useful and I am not really  a hoarder who just pick and collect anything at home. This junks are not literally junks they are my things like pen, tapes, notebooks and etc., it just happened that my husband called my things as junks.

2 Responses to “Cleaning my Junks”

  1. Mona says:

    It reminds me to clean my stuffs. dami ko rin ganyan na hindi na kailangan. Maybe after Kyla’s birthday.

  2. moirai says:

    Ehm… I’m so much worse than you… *hides in shame*…
    My mountain of “junk” makes your pile look like a small anthill in comparison.

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