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Church Expansion and Chairs

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Our house is just situated beside the church actually the church was built on my grandfather’s land he donated his land for a church to be built. With the help of donations  our church improved in years, before it has only two column of chairs now it has three.

[Picture grabbed from my church mate, taken during VBS – Vacation Bible School]

They expanded the church and make used the remaining land for expansion they removed the trees and shrubs at the side and with its expansion more chairs are needed to accommodate the growing congregation. So the big old mango tree in our backyard was donated by my grandmother or by the whole family, it was made as long chair I hope when time permits we could make used stackable church chairs.

This type of chairs give a long lasting comfort because of the seat foam, it is also proven when it came to durability.  This chair comes into quality metal chairs, premium metal chairs and premium wood chairs.

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