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Call Center Industry and Video Conferencing

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After I graduated my college I went to the city with my mother to apply for work in call center industry but it seems call center industry is not for me so I went home and that’s when I got a called from one company asking me to start right away after Christmas but I am already working at that time so I have to let the given opportunity passed.

Anyway my older cousin is lucky to be part of call center industry. Despite the graveyard shift she stayed on her work for more than two years. As part of their training sometimes they do  web based video conferencing with their team leader to enhance more of their skills online.

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  1. Carl Straus says:

    Hi again, Dear Lady,

    I have a friend in Naga Cebu who I sent a PC to, so she can work online soon to better support her family. She is currently applying for many subcontracts through, a freelance global labor site for PC professionals and office support work-from-home type jobs.

    I am interested in the Call-Center jobs you mention here so as to have her apply to them also. May I know of the opportunities of which you speak please, for her benefit?

    Thank you for considering this request. God bless you always.

    ~Carl Straus, Salem Massachusetts, USA

    • adminryanne says:

      Hi Mr. Straus,

      Thank you for your visit and dropping some comment on my blog.

      Odesk is also a good source of income, I have known few people who are successful in Odesk. There’s a lot of call center job in our country especially in Manila and Cebu, I am sure there’s also call center company in Naga. Working in a call center industry is popular among fresh graduates who are looking for job. I know you know that to be accepted on this kind of job he/she needs to be fluent in English, have a good pronunciation and enunciation, computer savvy is a plus. Most call center workers earn $180 – $350 a month but it depends to a lot of aspects, it might be easy but a stressful job especially if you are in outbound account where you need to sell something to earn commissions and etc., expect graveyard shift also.

      Aside from Odesk your friend can also earn money by blogging, writing articles for article writing sites. All she need to do is set-up a blog (like mine) submit her blog to sites who are looking for bloggers, wait for task, write and be paid thru paypal. I have few online friends who are successful working at home.


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