Anti-slip Flooring

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If there’s one thing I could not forget it, that was when I accidentally slip of a public place. My mother and I went to town to use the internet, the shop is in a second floor of an old establishment which is made of hardwood floor including the stairs. I am wearing a clog that time going up is not a problem but going down is such an embarrassment, I slip but because my mother is just in front of me I am not able to slip further but when I step down and I asked her not to walk in front of me I slip up to the bottom and the sound is just so embarrassing that the people inside the internet cafe went out the door and look down what is happening at the stairs, I just laughed to cover up my embarrassment.

Anyway one of the major concerns among property and home owners is accident from slipping. There different forms of anti-slip flooring that could be used in any public buildings, commercial establishments, homes and etc., and this material could be in epoxy floor system, non-slip coating, functional paints and glass flake coating. Using this substances could increase the friction between two surfaces. They also served as protective layer that can prevent your floor from scratches, they are also offer glossy finish to surfaces, odorless and colorless and have fire retardant properties.

Well I think the commercial building where the internet cafe was is not using anti-slip solution and when we went there it looks like it is newly wax or varnished because the floor is very shiny.

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