A Rangehood – Your Key to a Designer Kitchen

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You may think of them as something that only professional chefs use, but rangehoods are showing up in more and more home kitchens. Now you can find many different type of rangehoods with the design and colour that will suit your kitchen.

So, what will a kitchen rangehood do at your house?

  • Get Rid of Lingering Odors

Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon cooking? Unfortunately, that bacon odour has a habit of sticking around for hours after you’ve eaten it. The last thing you want is to smell this morning’s bacon at 10:00 tonight!

Luckily, a kitchen rangehood can eliminate that problem. In fact, many rangehoods come with special fans that can get rid of things like steam, smoke, and other odours quietly and efficiently. That way, your kitchen will never smell stale!

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  • Prevent Grease From Getting Everywhere

If you don’t have a kitchen rangehood, you won’t have anything to suck up the grease as it’s cooking — meaning that grease is going to wind up all over your kitchen and leave a giant mess behind.

  • Keep Things Out Of Your Face

If you want to be a designer cook in your designer kitchen, you can have things splattering in your face or fogging up your glasses. But since a rangehood provides suction and a steady flow of fresh air, you’ll wind up looking just as good as the food!

  • Give You Some Better Light

Some rangehoods are capable of lighting up your entire stove. That way, you don’t have to turn on that giant panel of lights sitting in your ceiling just to heat something up.

  • Look Cool

With its shiny stainless steel finish, a rangehood is the ultimate in sleek, modern kitchen technology. Even if you don’t know a roux from a reduction, you’ll have a décor that looks like it belongs on a cooking show! Just have a look at Fisher & Paykel rangehoods  for great design inspiration.

When you combine that cool style with a more convenient way of cooking things, you just can’t beat it!

Olivia Slamut is passionate about cooking and spends lots of time in her kitchen. She is always looking for the last innovation in terms of home appliance design and efficiency.

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