5 Tips to Help Maintain your Chainsaw

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We are fortunate that chainsaws now come with more safety features than ever before. However, it is still considered to be a dangerous apparatus. To avoid any unseen accident, it’s important to keep the chainsaw in top nick working condition. It can be a life saver and will extend the useability of the equipment. For some quick tips on how to maintain your chainsaw, keep on reading!


A blunt saw is not only useless but dangerous. Your chain should be able to cut through wood without demanding too much pressure from you. If it starts to become hard, produces more sawdust than chips, makes curved cuts or begins to chatter, it’s a good indicator that you need to sharpen the chain. Before you do, assess the size of the chain and purchase a rotary grindstone or chainsaw file that matches. Make sure you clean the blade thoroughly and check for overly worn links and teeth, and when finished, oil the chain and check the tension. Then you should be roaring to go.


One of the most important parts of chainsaw maintenance is keeping the chain lubricated. If avoided for too long, heat will build up and the friction will damage the saw. You’ll find that each time you power up your chainsaw, it will burn through the gas quicker and it won’t turn as fast. While some saws have an auto lubricating feature, other times you might have to do it manually. It’s important not to buy motor oil and invest in a kit that caters specifically to your saw, check out stihl.com.au to see what products on the market.

Chainsawing a Stump

Keep it clean

The more you use your chainsaw, the more likely it will accumulate dirt and grime. Over time, the muck will become harder to clean off. Ideally, you should be cleaning your chainsaw after each use. Once you’ve finished, brush off the exterior case removing the sawdust that has gathered. Then take an oily cloth and rub off the extra sawdust particles from the case and bar. Make sure you take care when wiping the bar and use heavy duty gloves if necessary.

Fuel Filter

Almost every saw will have a small filter screen that attaches to the end of the fuel pick up line. It is one aspect of a chainsaw that many people tend to overlook when maintaining. If left unattended, small bits of debris will amass over time and clog up the fuel filter, decreasing the performance of your saw. To clean it, pull the end of the line out with a piece of bent wire, then slide the screen off the fuel line. Brush it clean with solvent and reattach. Attach a new fuel filter every two years or so for maximum performance

Prepare it for long term storage

If you don’t expect to use your chainsaw for more than thirty days, start preparing it for storage. The first step is to drain the oil and the gas. You can do this manually or you can start the chainsaw and let it run until the gas is gone, then switch it off and allow it to cool completely. The next step is to clean your chain saw completely with an oily rag, removing all bits of debris. Then remove the chain and store it in an airtight container. Finally, pack your saw away and ensure that it is not accessible to children.

The chainsaw is an extremely handy piece of equipment; with a little common sense and regular care, you’ll be giving it a long life of use.

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