5 Most Affordable Used Car Makers

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Luckily, the used car market allows many people to buy a good make without having the sometimes unachievable expense of buying new. There are many factors to consider when evaluating the affordability of a used car, such as the age, kilometres travelled, condition of the engine, and how much wear and tear there is both for the interior and exterior of a car. Based on cars that are mechanically sound and in good all-round condition, here are the 5 most affordable used car makes.


Toyota is the first manufacturer on this list due to their legendary reputation of having cars that simply don’t die. Whether you’re looking at one of their tough Hilux or Landcruiser models with unbreakable diesel engines, the family favourite Camry, or the P Plate popular Corolla, Toyota build cars that are made to last. While certainly not the cheapest brand new, there are always plenty of them on the used car market. If you don’t mind purchasing an older model, you will be rewarded with a quality car that is affordable to buy, maintain and run.

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Another make with a reputation for being a stickler for quality is Honda. Their attention to detail and thoughtful build design makes them a great car to pick up second hand. The Civic is one of the most popular quality small cars around on the used car market, while those needing more room can consider the Accord sedan, or Honda’s flagship SUV, the compact and fun to drive CR-V.


While many people associate Hyundai with the old Excel, their recent releases have been an astounding success. With the i20 and i30 dominating the small car standings, the iLoad impressing van fans, and the Accent and Sonata making a name as quality sedans, Hyundai have become an industry leader in just a few years. While caution is advised if you’re looking at older models, picking up one of their newer releases second-hand is definitely a great way to get a bargain. Hyundai’s impressive styling and quality interior design are matched with unexpected performance, which all combines to give you a great package at a very reasonable price.


When it comes to great safety features, good build quality and exciting performance, it’s impossible to go past Subaru. Across the entire range, there are cars that will suit almost every need and budget. However, when looking at buying a second-hand Subaru, steer clear of any which do not have a fully documented service history. The boxer engines require regular and quality maintenance, and if this has been neglected you could find yourself spending far more money on repairs than you did on purchasing the car. With a little caution, buying a used Subaru can be the best value for money second-hand car you can get.


With many popular models such as the comfortable family sedan Magna, the nippy small Mirage hatch, and the tough Triton ute, Mitsubishi has a lot to offer in the used car market. Older models will be the most affordable, with most of the newer cars holding their value for many years after first purchase. As with Toyota, if you don’t mind picking up an older model, you will easily find a Mitsubishi to suit your needs.

These manufacturers constantly release new models, and in turn, the used car market benefits from an influx of quality second-hand cars that are affordable and reliable. It’s always a case of ‘Buyer Beware’ when getting a used car, however if you purchase from a reputable source and always have your mechanic check the vehicle over, you can end up with a real bargain.

Written by Kobe Brooke

Kobe is a motor enthusiast who also works in a car dealer in Melbourne. He specializes in selling used cars in Sydney. He also organizes regular driver meet-up in his local area.

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