Spick and Span

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Today is such a busy day for me aside from cooking, I have decided to clean in our apartment. Our front door was so dirty already because of the shoes that we wear outside the fields of snow.   So I have cleaned  it with water, soap and bleach while I am boiling the sweet potato. After cleaning I went back in front of my laptop to continue what I am doing before I went to the kitchen,  I saw a notification for new windows update, I have been ignoring it for few days already because it keeps giving me update every time I updated my windows.

[Image from foxfreshcleaning.ca]

Anyway I decided to update my windows so I can mop our apartment floor, you know when I have nothing else to do I can’t be disturb in front of my laptop. Doing this it is like multitasking updating while I am cleaning, I hope my husband will not be angry when he arrived home and smells bleach lingering on the air.  Well I am glad everything was fine with my laptop despite the fact that I have downloaded a lot of files last night if my anti-virus crash I have to find Avira Antivsirus online.

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