Interior Decorating for Winter

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When you think of home décor it’s possible that spring cleaning comes to mind – the winter bedding is put away, the drapes are drawn and the house is cleaned from top to bottom. What you may not think as much about is winter home décor, perhaps because it’s more gradual as the days get shorter and the night longer and colder. The best time to stock up on things like cozy fleece and flannel sheets is long before the weather turns cold – shop in the spring and summer to get the best deals on winter bedding and décor items.

Winter Home Decor

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Color is a big part of seasonal décor – you may wish to switch to towels and bedding in darker, richer jewel tones such as burgundy, gold and forest green for the winter months.  In part this is a direct reflection of nature’s color palette – these are the very same colors you see on autumn leaves as they turn colors. Something as simple as a decorative throw can make a room feel more cozy and warm plus it will help to ward off drafts and winter chills as you read, lounge or watch television; decorative pillows in fall colors add can change the look of a room and make it more comfortable to relax and snuggle.

Cold weather is a reality for many homeowners who are also faced with the desire to set back the thermostat for both economical and environmental reasons; a heated throw or electric blanket can make life much more comfortable when you are in bed or just lounging. While the room may be chilly you will be toasty warm under a heated throw; a towel warmer is another practical idea that offers year round comfort. It’s nice to step out of the shower and wrap yourself in a hot fluffy towel but you can also use a towel warmer to warm blankets, baby cloths and mittens.

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