How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

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It can be difficult to establish a presentable garden that is both decorative and low maintenance. Some people hire professional gardeners or landscapers to create their garden and then pay to have it groomed or maintained periodically. Your garden doesn’t necessarily have to be an award winning masterpiece, more so a presentable feature your home has to offer. Here are some tips to creating a low maintenance garden.

Establish the garden to preferred size and shape

Depending on the size of your garden will also determine how much maintenance it will require. A larger garden will incorporate more plants, flowers and weeds, therefore require much more effort to maintain. Once you have determined the size and shape of your up and coming garden, you can then begin preparation.

Construct your garden with necessities to survive from establishment

To establish this low maintenance garden will involve creating it in a friendly environment. This includes exposure to sunlight and rain as plants require these natural resources to blossom and survive. Insert plants into small pots with soil as they will absorb more water from rain and bury the pots into the garden surroundings until hidden. Use mixed fertilizer and compost to generate nutritious soil for your plants and flowers. This will provide them a healthier lifestyle and longer life span and will naturally be exposed to sun and rain water, increasing their chances of survival with minimal maintenance.

Use stones or bark to surround plants

To avoid excess weeds and unwanted pests, use stones or bark opposed to excess soil to surround your plants. As your plants will be living and growing in the soil invested in the pots, this is all they require. By filling excess space with stones or bark, this will prevent growth of weeds and be less attractive to insects or other pests. It will also provide a unique presence as most gardens today are an abundance of dirt.

Choose larger plants or flowers to minimize maintenance

It may be worthwhile to choose larger plants of flowers to decorate your garden. Choose an arrangement of larger opposed to a variety of smaller plants as this will again minimize maintenance. Think about how much more effort it will take to water or weed 20 smaller plants, opposed to 6 or 7 larger ones.

Decorate your garden with fixtures and gnomes

To finalize your low maintenance garden and make it look presentable to the eye, you can now finish it off by decorating it with presentable fixtures such as garden gnomes or other novelty items. Not only do these items fill the remaining empty space in the garden but they are attractive and present some character to your garden. Finally, distribute rocks or decorative pebbles around the edges of the garden to secure it. There are numerous options for the perimeter of gardens so choose the best option that suits your new gardens charm.

By following these simple steps you will have created your garden from scratch to minimize the maintenance required to keep your plants alive and healthy. With your unique touch provides a garden that is appealing and incorporates charisma suited to your distinctive personality.

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Shane is one of the leading Landscape Gardeners on the Gold Coast, Australia. He works with many of the leading home builders the Gold Coast has to offer to produce exquisite home designs with amazing low maintenance gardens.

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