What is Arthritis

Arthritis is a common disease among older people,  it is  a joint disorder that involves inflammation. It  causes pain and loss of movement of the affected joints, this disease has over 100  different forms and the most common is osteoarthritis which usually occurs in the hips, knees and hands.

If I am not mistaken my grandmother has arthritis and every time her knees in pain she is restless. She is somehow using ointment to ease the pain but I am not sure how effective it was. When I am still a kid my mother told me not to have wet feet all the time because I will suffer the consequences when I grow old, she said I could have arthritis if I keep continue washing my feet and playing in a dirty canal.  Dunno if it is true but I have learned that arthritis was cause by infection, autoimmune disease, broken bone and tear joints if you want to know more about arthritis just hop in to www.OSC-Ortho.com for better understanding of this disease.

In addition,  it was believed that consumption of foods that are acidic can cause damage to bones and cartilages.  So you better watch out on what you eat, don’t eat too much salty food as it is not just bad for our bones but also for our kidney.  Lack vital nutrients and minerals for our body consumption can also trigger this disease because when our blood is being to acidic the cartilages in the body can dissolve. Eating too much diet foods or junk foods like  canned goods,  coke, processed food and etc. is also a bad habit that we should stop because they are not helpful for our body to be healthy.

Proper diet and exercise can help to avoid arthritis to know more about this disease causes and remedies  follow this link for great resources.

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