It had been raining these past few days which reminded my husband to ask me to buy an umbrella  in exchange of the umbrella I lost in Jeju when we had a vacation few weeks ago. I left it in the umbrella stand at  the airport bus terminal  so yesterday I went to the market to buy one in my own expense, my husband don’t like paying for it because he said I lost it so I have to pay for it. He also added it is going to be my lesson on not to forget things and keep them with me all the time.

I almost lose hope in finding a two fold umbrella because most of the umbrella I’ve seen in the stores are not folded.   I decided to get inside the home depot thinking that they have more umbrella inside, at first I didn’t find one but when I pay in the counter for the soaps I bought I’ve seen a lot of two folded umbrella just below the counter and I immediately took one and included it on the items I am going to pay.

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