Cleaning and Disinfecting our Apartment

We had a bad internet connection these past few days, today the internet was gone for three hours. As I have nothing to do I started cleaning around our apartment.  I mopped the floor using water with powder soap and bleach, it is my way disinfecting our apartment.

When I am done I  cleaned the molds in the newly attached wallpaper,  I used vinegar and bleach to other part of  wallpaper. I have read that bleach  is also  useful for removing mold and mildew both inside and outside your home.

Then I cleaned our bathroom, and after cleaning I cooked sour soap and rice for my late lunch.

How to Select the best Flooring for Your Home

Home refurbishment is a big job; you do not just need to consider the walls or your furniture, you need to give some attention to the flooring of your home. If you live in a traditional British home, certainly the floors will all be covered in carpet. Even if you live in a conventional Uk house, you always have a lot of options available in the market to break the tradition.

If we look to the warmer countries of Europe for inspiration you’ll find ceramic tiled floors along with laminate and parquet flooring. Tiled floors are wonderful in hotter climates, but are also very useful for your kitchen and bathroom. A carpet is not practical for kitchensor bathrooms, as you’ll be continuously trying to mop up spills that leave nasty stains on the carpet.

Tiling your floor gives a practical along with cooling solution to these areas of your home, a tiled floor always being exceptional for low maintenance, a fast wipe down with a cleaner or a cloth always leaving it clean and hygienic. Not just is it an excellent way to keep cool in the hot summertime, but also you never have to worry about germs and bacteria which are harboured in the carpet from spills.

Moving on to the lounge, again there are all sorts of options to carpet such as trendy parquet. This kind of flooring is fashionable, but unfortunately not so inexpensive, although a similar affect can be attained with floor coverings which are sold on rolls and are easily laid down as they’re self-adhesive .

If you’ve made the decision to swap the carpets for tiles, but are feeling the cold in winter, then you can remedy this quite simply by adding some stylish rugs. These are great for areas like the lounge or where children play, but have the flexibility of being removable in the hot summertime and certainly washable. A conventional carpet harbors a lot of germs, and unless it is cleaned with special detergents and a carpet cleaner it can actually be a hazard to your house.

When you are renovating your house, you can look on line at catalogues or visit your nearby hardware store for ideas on your floorings. You have to decide what’s the greatest option for your individual circumstances and how you can refurbish your floors to offer you a refreshing break from carpets. Think practical and consider your pets or kids, and make the wise choice for renovating your house.

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House Construction

That’s what we need, we need a total makeover to our house. Termites are already eating our whole house plus it was built in wrong location,  what I mean when the siblings divided the piece of land our house was cut in half,  so we need to push our house back ward to make way for my Uncle’s share of land.

With the help of my earnings online little by little we’re starting to purchase construction materials, just few months ago my family bought  five hundred pieces of hollow blocks, and the coconut tree on our back yard was also cut to use in constructing our house.

Below are my cousins who volunteered for labor fee to collect dirt to be used in building the foundation “pantambak“. They got the dirt free from the people that are constructing the canal and dirt road in front of our house. Yeah, finally they cementing the national road.

Advantages of door lock with keypad

Just this afternoon while my husband and I is busy in front of our computer we heard that someone pulled up our door lock followed up by someone pressing the buttons. It went out that the number typed is wrong that makes an error sound, whoever that someone outside she repeated it three times (she because we can hear their voice from inside). My husband told me to check it and open the door, so I did to her surprised.

Photo not mine

What I saw is tall woman with a short hair accompanied with a guy,  she said something and I just nod, all I understand is “Aniyo” (No). It seems they had  a wrong door or apartment,  the woman looks like an agent. So when my husband asked what do they need, I told him what I think.  There’s a vacant room just beside us, so I don’t know if that’s what they are trying to visit or they’re just in wrong apartment and it just happened that we have the same door number.

We’re just lucky that we are inside our apartment and very smart to use a number combination that only the two of us  has a knowledge. What if we are not around and we are using a default password? We don’t know what will happen next, isn’t it? They might throw away our things or re-arrange our apartment if  someone  mistakenly transfer here which is too morbid to imagine. Haha

Anyway there’s no harm Koreans are trusted,  you can even see a lot of expensive  mobile phones in the street and nobody show interest to stole one of them, they freely displayed items without inhibition, but the fact it is still an invasion of private property is kind of disturbing what if I just finished taking shower and I am all naked, nyah what an embarrassment.

Anyway this is one of the advantage of Keyless Digital Door Lock strangers cannot open it easily without knowing the code combination.  The lock bolt is control by digital chipset, with out any keyhole, so the lock-picker could do nothing to it.

As what  I know you can used RFID cards as the keys of your lock, and passwords/cards could be set in groups because I’ve seen our previous neighbor using a card to open her door.

This lock could be used widely in homes, apartments, condos, office and etc..

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