Cheap Furniture from China

We didn’t start yet with our house construction as we don’t have sufficient funds,  earning online these past few days is not good that I can’t send money home.  The other day I passed by at Daiso and found them under-renovation,  I remember seeing some cheap China furniture on the shop. Once they re-open and I have funds I am thinking of buying few of those furniture’s and send them home,  we can either display them in our house or sell them to our relatives who are into cheap items.

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Kitchen Cabinet Doors

My Aunt house was not fully furnished right away, they constructed it little by little when funds allowed them to do so.  The last time I’ve been on their dining room their kitchen cabinets  is still unfinished they are just open cabinet attached on their wall.  As I am browsing online I have found out you can buy kitchen cabinet doors alone and other unfinished kitchen drawers and corbels, I should tell them about this find.

When you also need a complete remodeling in your cabinets and counter tops and your budget is not enough, refacing them will be a nice idea. All you need is to change the doors and not the whole cabinet, it can be as simple as replacing your old cabinet doors and drawer fronts with new ones. Kitchen doors for any kitchen remodeling project is good idea as it will refresh the whole kitchen style and bring freshness to your home.

Backyard Gardening

If there’s one thing I missed on living overseas that is backyard gardening where I can plant and grow vegetables. When I am still in Philippines we have a small garden in our back yard where we plant string beans, eggplant, ladies finger, sweet potato and even squash. I missed those old times like watering our plants, cultivating and of course harvesting them.

Having a backyard garden is not just fun or the family, it also has a lot of benefits like improving our health by eating  fresh vegetables, saving money from groceries and it is also a good exercise to burn calories and can remove stress also.

I have heard about The Essential Garden Guide, it was created to help unlock the secrets of a great backyard garden. This information, originally created for professional and educational purposes, is the result of over 15 years of contributions from renowned agricultural institutions and extensions.

Stuffed Toys

I am now certified garbage picker (lol). Last Thursday when we are on the way to the gym I saw a stuffed toy about 2 feet tall in the garbage area, I didn’t bother to pick it because we are going to the gym and for sure my husband will not be happy if I did it plus it is still daylight other people might see me picking something in the garbage which is so shameful.

The thought of the stuffed toy didn’t pass on my mind the evening went by smoothly. Like I usually do every night I am surfing the internet and cook meals for my husband. I later found out I forgot to bring the food bag when we went to the gym it is already full and it needs to be thrown as I cannot closed the garbage pail anymore, I decided to do it after cooking the last meal so everything will be thrown away.

I went out late at night and the street is empty when I reached the garbage area I saw the stuffed toy it seems nobody is interested to pick it up, I wa;led around and I found one orange plastic bag I took the milk cartoons at the top and I saw stuffed toys underneath. The curious me started to look more inside and every time I took a stuffed toy I can see more stuffed toy. I cannot anymore hold the stuffed toys so I return them in the plastic bag and took the whole bag I left the 2 feet stuffed toy. What’s on my mind is in to see what’s inside the bag in our apartment in any case there’s other recyclable items I can just segregate them. Aside from the stuffed toys bag, I also saw another bag with a lot of plastic toys, I didn’t bother to look at them anymore I run home. I will be embarrass if someone saw digging in the plastic bags.,

When I reached home I excitedly told my husband of my bounty and instead of being amazed with me, waaah he feel disgusted on what I do and he keeps calling me garbage picker. Then he start telling me it feels like there’s bug crawling to him and start scratching and when I asked him if he is really itchy he just keep acting like scratching.

My husband asked me what I am going to do with all the stuffed toys I brought, I told him I am going to wash them and send home to Philippines so I dropped the stuffed toys in the washer and washed them even though they are clean and doesn’t smell. They are too white actually, there’s one toy I can’t washed because it has battery.

I hanged them in our balcony and my husband won’t stop teasing me garbage picker, I just ignore him and he said afterwards maybe you’re not going to have more time with me, all you gonna thinks are your stuffed toys, right there I concluded he is just jealous with my stuffed toys that’s why he won’t stop teasing me especially when I told him I am going to return it seems I dropped something plus there’s more bags with plastic toys there, he didn’t allowed me to do so and told me every stuffed toys I brought if I went back will cost a fine of $9 each.

Anyway I didn’t return anymore I don’t have a courage to do it again, other people might see me hauling something in the garbage.

I wonder why the owner throw them away when they are still looking good and new, to answer my thoughts I just concluded the owner maybe is moving to a new apartment and wouldn’t like to carry more stuff with her or the kid is already grown up and wouldn’t love to play toys anymore. I have counted them tonight and they are exactly 20 stuffed toys.

To whoever who own this, thank you.

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