Water Well Drilling

When I am still a kid fetching water in the pump is my everyday task. I have to make sure that all the plastic containers at home is full of water or else my mother will scold me. Time came a little progress  occurred in our community, using  water pump is  not on demand anymore. Fetching water became easier by the use of water system,  most houses has their own water pipes now but the water is not good for drinking just for washing, bathing and daily usage.

Not all families are covered by the water system because there are some houses which happened to be far from the main road where the pipes are running.  Some of this houses still uses water pump for their water supply and those people who happens living in the valley uses water well especially when they have vegetable garden to water everyday. Water well drilling is common when the supply of water is not abundant and you are living in urban area like us.

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Window Boxes

As we have no space/garden  to cultivate here in our apartment I have told  my husband about my idea and that is planting a plant into plant box which is a good idea if there’s no garage in front of our apartment building but the mere fact that  there’s a garage it is not a good idea at all. So there’s no way we can grow flowers or few vegetables in a plant box because without sunlight they will die.

Our last option to bring harmony and have green living things in our apartment is to buy and install window boxes in our balcony. There are some affordable  and custom made window boxes that last a lifetime, most of them are made from no rot cellular PVC called VERSATEX , that gives the planters a matte finish which scatters light rather than reflecting it and the end result is a planter that looks and feels like a wood rather than a plastic.

It  seems a good idea isn’t it? Well before we decide to have one we should ask permission to our landlord first especially he is keeping his bike and other cleaning tools at the the back side of the apartment.

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Used of Bath Panels

Our bathroom at home is not fully furnished well what you expect when even our home is not yet fully constructed.  If we are given a chance to improve our bathroom I would like to buy bath tub and of course bath panels.  Like most other items there’s a large variety of bath panels and they ranged on sizes, shapes, color and material. There acrylic and reinforced panels and wooden panels with different colors like mahogany, limed oak, white and walnut.

If you are not familiar bath panels are the external casings that are placed around the side(s) of certain types of baths. In most cases these kinds of panels will be used around baths that are not designed to be free-standing. They are used predominantly to hide the plumbing around the bath tub itself and to make the bath and the bathroom look neater.

The Disadvantages of Moving

Moving is a situation that everyone doesn’t want to do. Moving house time to time is tiring, stressful and not the best idea to build an ideal home.  Once you plan to move you need to pack all of your important things which is so tiring and stressful to do and once you moved you need to start all over again to build relationship with your neighbors, make friends and etc.,

Our visa is going to expire soon but we are lucky that we are not going to move anywhere, my husband’s employer extended his contract for one more year. Well at least for a year we don’t need moving companies to help us move to a new home and community. I just hope next year his contract will be extended again because I already love this place and the people.

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