Bathroom Fans

As what I have blogged previously the fan in our kitchen is connected to our bathroom fan.  So when we are cooking in the kitchen we are not anymore  surprised if our bathroom stinks of smoke of what we are cooking. Sometimes I just closed the bathroom and open small window in it. So that the smell will not linger around our apartment. These past few days I   am  planning to clean our bathroom fan  but I cannot reached it and I don’t think I can open the ceiling, well I just thinking of cleaning even the outer part.

Free Bed and Pink TV

If you came from a long walk,  tired and you think you can’t make it home you should not worry you can have hotel room for free, with soft comfortable bed and pink TV for you to enjoy watching your favorite television shows. Haha, kidding aside this is what we saw when we passed by the along the Chinese and Japanese restaurant.

The bed still looks good but I don’t know about the TV which I think you will only know if  is not working when you plugged it and turn it on. It seems the owner is woman or young lady because of the pink TV, she might be transferring and she can’t carry the bed anymore to her new home. So she just throw the them in the garbage where someone can pick it and make it usable, either way the garbage track will took it and I don’t what would they do, either used, resell or burn it.

Furniture Store Online

Buying a furniture now a days is  a lot easier than before, today you can browse wide selection of furniture online, you read it right internet shopping is the easiest and fastest way to shop without hassle and shipping problems, most companies can  provides you with furniture for all your home needs. Whether you  love beautiful traditional styles or you are a fan of  modern designs  you can easily find a furniture that will satisfy your taste.

Shopping furniture online is also the best way to  save time from hopping to furniture stores to another, you can make use of that time to spend quality time with your kids by playing and reading with them. So start browsing now!


To a person  who was born in tropical country winter is not a good time of the year. I  remember when I visited a friend in the city their apartment is burning hot as if they are using raypak heaters, a heater which is commonly used in Pool and Spa. The temperature was really freaking hot that you can feel it on your feet and if you’re wearing thick clothes you will really feel hot and perspires. Now I do not wonder anymore why she can still can still wear sun dress inside their apartment when it is snowing outside.

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