Why Wear Gloves When Cleaning and Washing

As what I have noticed most women here are using rubber gloves when they are doing house cleaning, washing and cooking. I don’t know if they are just protective with their skin or they are just very particular of being germs free.

You should know that the primary purpose of wearing rubber gloves  is for protection of the hands while performing tasks involving chemicals. Rubber gloves are worn during dishwashing to protect the hands from detergent and allow the use of hotter water.

Well if you are looking for  protective gloves to get the job done. There are some companies and warehouses that offer high quality gloves which depend on purpose and varieties, you can buy lowest price canvas gloves, chemical resistant gloves, flame resistant gloves, hunting gloves, and so much more.

Take good care of your hands and wear gloves while cleaning at home.

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Safety and Fire

The gym where we worked  out is on the third floor of a four-story building and few months ago there was a fire on the second floor, as what I have heard it started in the kitchen of one of the restaurants in the second floor.   Just too lucky that the fire was killed early before it destruct a lot of things.

Despite of no harm done, the gym was closed for three days because of bad odor from the chemical  that was used to kill the fire.  My husband says they used chemical instead of water because it is a restaurant and if they used water it will be hard to kill the fire as it can still be alive in water or the right term for it.

Anyway that’s why it is important that fire extinguishers must be always present in stores, restaurants and  establishments to avoid the fire to grow bigger, it can also save lives and properties.

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Stylish Wall decors

Our apartment is still empty, we have no curtains and wall decors. Sometimes I want to buy stylish wall decors to make our wall more attractive but I don’t think our landlord will be happy if I tear off the wallpaper and change it with book and shelf wall sticker design. A shelf wall sticker design will be perfect to add as inspiration in the small corner of our apartment, where few of our books are kept.

When you don’t have many books or even a bookshelf at home, office or study room this design is  perfect, you don’t need to worry because the wall sticker is very easy to apply and comes in a secure poster tube. You can actually apply it in just a few minutes.

Garage Door

The three floor apartment we’re living at has  two garage space, one at the front and the other one in the left side.  It is just right because most of the families here in Korea has their own cars, two or more.   I think our landlord need a roof and garage door on the left side garage because when it is snowing the garage is full of frost, the other night I saw his son (if I am not mistaken) covering his car with cartoon boxes so the windshield will be snow free.

I believed installing roof and garage door will free the car from snow and the landlord in shoveling the pile of snow. It will also stop some of the school kids to play ball games when the cars are not around.  Like what happened one fine day  where I am busy in front of my computer when I heard some kids shouting and kicking a ball outside, I didn’t  mind them because I thought it is normal but when I went to the bathroom and turn on the light and ventilation I can hear them moving  away from the garage silently, it seems they thought nobody is around and they can play freely so when they hear someone is around they sneak out like thieves.

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