Free energy efficiency advice from British Gas increase energy spending savings

Small changes in the workplace can make big differences to the amount of money a business pays out for their gas and electricity. Energy efficiency is not only about reducing the carbon footprint of a business but is also a key element if the way that business customers can reduce their outgoings.

By switching off lights when a room is not in use and replacing light bulbs and other light sources with energy saving alternatives to the traditional bulb, significant savings can be made.

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Turning the workplace thermostat down just one or two degrees can again make a significant difference to usage and therefore the cost of energy. It is unlikely any employee would notice such a small drop in temperature but the business would certainly notice the savings.

Switching off equipment left on standby such as photocopiers, desktop computers, printers and even the coffee machine will again save money in the workplace. A common misconception is that items left on standby use less electricity, they don’t. Equipment left on standby uses the same amount of energy as those that are fully switched on.

For further help and advice on how to become more energy efficient and save your business money, visit the British Gas website and take advantage of the energy efficiency advice that British Gas offer free to their business customers.

Wall Mount for TV

My husband and I loves to watch movies at home but there are times we don’t agree where to position his laptop. Yes we are watching on his computer because it is easier to download movies online than watching on TV channels where there’s a lot of advertisements before we could watch the next part.

We already have thought of watching the downloaded movies in the TV by using connectors and jack from his computer to the TV to have big screen but our TV divider is facing the other way from our bed so it is too complicated.  I guess we should buy a plasma TV that we could just put on our wall by using wall mount it is a lot easier we can watch TV in our bed without  arguing where to put his computer.

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Not body tissue but tissue paper that’s what we bought recently at Lotte Super as we have no more stock at home.  As usual we have to buy the cheapest tissue because it is more economical than buying an expensive one where we are just going to the trash after usage.

Tissue has a lot of usage, you can used this to cover your mouth or nose when sneezing or wiping dirt and etc.,


These past few days our apartment stinks not because we don’t clean or throw our garbage bags it is because of the drainage system. Every time we heard water coming from the top floor occupants the stinky smell follows coming from our bathroom floor, it seems the pipes are connected and because we are in the first floor we have to suffer with the smell when the water reached the drainage. It only occurs during spring and summer season.

Dunno if the drainage needs maintenance or it is probably clogged. Drains can be clogged due to accumulation of grease, dirt and or even if someone accidentally dropped any object.

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