Rugs For Home

Mostly we just old clothes or towel as rugs, it is cheaper than buying rugs every time they become useless and too dirty to wash. There are times no matter how you washed the rugs the brown stain can’t be removed anymore anyway you can make your home stylish by using rugs that will complement the color of your living room. Rugs is the firs thing your visitor can see when he enter in your living room.

Like most things we used  rugs come in wide range of designs, shapes and color combinations.  Choosing rugs always depends on your budget, taste and style.  You should remember that the primary colors of the rug should complement the wall, furniture, and furnishing colors of your house to create harmonious relationship.

How To Choose Bathroom Tiles

Most homeowners spend money for the beautification of their home and   bathroom is just one of the avenue of investment, choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can add value and pleasing environment.

One of the he important thing to consider when choosing bathroom tiles is to ensure that the tiles will blend in perfectly with the other furniture in your bathroom like the bath tub, sink and toilet. Adding glass tiling too can make your bathroom attractive and beautiful, you can also add accessories that will also blend with each other like towel sets, soap dishes, mirrors and towel holders.

Cream Couch

It is town fiesta today in my hometown and I am looking forward for festival pictures from my sister.  I am sure she had a lot pictures to share, dunno if they are already tired of me asking for pictures every time they went online. The funny thing they seldom ask for my new pictures it seems they are already tired looking at my ugly face,. haha

Anyway I saw a cream couch in the garbage area a while ago when we passed by the place when we went to the gym, if  it is not too big and heavy I am going to carry it here in our apartment so I can sit while blogging.

Gardening at Home

This is what I missed here. I can’t even plant a single plant unlike when I am still in Philippines I have a small backyard garden with string beans, ladies finger, sweet potato and eggplant. I cultivated them and do weeding when I have nothing else to do.

Photo not Mine

The picture above is not mine, my classmate’s seedlings on their green house. It seems she is having a lot of fun, at least she won’t missed the things she always do in our hometown, yeah she just migrated in the US month ago.

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