Home and Living: Moms Wish They Did The Following 4 Things To Make Breastfeeding Their Baby Easier at Home

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world. It’s ideal to bond with your baby, and it can often lead them to be a healthier child and adult! And it has some benefits for moms including helping to shift that baby weight quicker! But it’s not easy to breastfeed; in fact, a lot of moms give up as they find it difficult. Therefore, here are four things you can do to make breastfeeding your baby easier!

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Get help and advice while pregnant

A lot of women think that breastfeeding will be easy so they don’t get practice in before their little one arrives. But it’s so important to be clued up before your newborn arrives so that you don’t run into issues! You should meet up with a nursing expert who can give you some tips for when your baby is born on breastfeeding. You can keep their number close by so that you can ring once your baby is here. Also, you should talk to your midwife about breastfeeding. It’s important to make it clear that you are planning to do it so that they can respect your plans. Also, it’s wise to ask a mommy friend who’s nursing for help and advice. You can watch how she does it, and it will help you when your baby does arrive!

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Invest in a nursing chair

Some women struggle to find a comfortable position to feed their baby. It’s especially hard if they have had a cesarean birth and are recovering. Therefore, you should consider going for a nursing rocking chair which will allow you to keep comfortable while nursing your baby. The rocking motion will also help your baby feel comfortable and relaxed while you are feeding them. And when you are looking for the best nursery glider available, make sure you choose one that reclines into different positions. That way, you can adjust it when you are feeding your baby.

Purchase a reliable pump

I know how expensive everything is for a new baby. But it’s important to make sure you aren’t buying a pump second hand. For one thing, they won’t last as long when charged up as it might have been used a lot by the previous owner. Also, it’s not very hygienic for you and your baby. So make sure you buy a good strong pump which will be reliable. As this feature says, you need one that’s powerful when you are first establishing your milk supply. So don’t scrimp when buying a breast pump!

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Start as early as possible

You need to make sure you start breastfeeding the baby as soon as they arrive if you want to make it easier for you. Once you have given them a cuddle, you should introduce them to your breast. As this feature explains, the baby’s senses are heightened in the first hour after birth. So they are more likely to use them to latch onto your breast instinctually. It will be much easier than to wait until you are home from the hospital the next day!

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Remember to make sure you learn the signs that your baby is hungry. That way, you can feed them before they start crying!

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  1. Yes breastfeeding can be challenging but I had 4 children and was successful with each. Sometimes there is fear in this but it is natural and few fail. A great rocking glider can really help relax mom, consequently bring down her milk. Agree when you pump get a good one and not second hand. Enjoy being a mom..Great article!

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